Know about sex life position during pregnancy!

You are 13 weeks pregnant. During this period, the uterus of pregnant women increases to the size of a grapefruit, and abdominal swelling becomes noticeable. Also, some people may be surprised by the changes in their body, such as their breasts getting bigger, and their nipples and genitals becoming darker in colour.

As far as the child’s appearance is concerned, every part of the body such as the arms and legs is almost complete and the appearance is completely human. Urine is formed in the kidney and the baby starts urinating in the amniotic fluid.

Morning sickness tends to strike early, and while it is constant, this is the time when the number of concerns increase. Among them, today I will tell you about sex life which is difficult to hear but important


Main Points-

  • If there are no abnormalities during pregnancy, it is basically okay to have sex
  • The most important thing is the mind and body of the mother. give top priority
  • Some precautions have to be taken in sex life during pregnancy
  • involve non-sexual communication
  • to build a better partnership
  • initial

About sex life in early pregnancy

Sex life is one of the most important aspects of communication between husband and wife.

However, during pregnancy, some women are unable to have sex because they are concerned about the effect on the baby, and hormonal changes prior to pregnancy may alter their sex drive. Let us know the correct information and will be able to remove some worry.

Let’s get the right information from this story and gradually reduce the anxiety about the relationship with your partner.

Sex life during pregnancy is basically safe unless your doctor orders you to take it easy.

However, in the early stages of pregnancy, morning sickness often causes poor physical condition, and daily life is difficult. The balance of hormones changes to protect the unborn child and some people don’t want to touch it.

  1. As far as the frequency of sexual activity during pregnancy is concerned, 78% of couples answered that it has decreased, and many couples avoid having sex during the early stages of pregnancy.
  2. If you experience symptoms like abdominal bloating or pain during sexual activity, don’t overdo it, take a break and see how it goes. 

Does having sex during pregnancy affect the fetus?   

The potential for miscarriage in early pregnancy sex life is a concern, but it is said that sex life is not a direct cause. Most miscarriages in early pregnancy are due to fetal factors such as chromosomal or genetic abnormalities. If the pregnancy is going well and the mother is in good health then there is nothing wrong with having sex. *3

However, there are also cases in which women who have had sex in the early stages of pregnancy are concerned that it has caused them to miscarry, blame themselves or their partners, and cause psychological burden. If your mother feels uncomfortable, don’t overdo it and talk to your partner. Sex life is important as an expression of affection, but physical contact is advised to be taken differently.

Also, is it okay to insert a penis into the vagina? Some people are worried about this. Although the penis can touch the exterior of the entrance to the uterus, the entrance to the uterus is blocked by a plug of cervical mucus. And since the baby is protected by the amniotic fluid inside the opening of the womb, sexual activity during pregnancy won’t directly affect the baby.

Precautions for sex life during pregnancy

If you get an STD during pregnancy, it can be passed to your unborn baby and cause complications. The Japanese Society of Perinatal and Neonatal Medicine also states, “Five ways to prevent infection between infants and mothers,” “Use condoms during sex during pregnancy and avoid oral sex.” There is a description.

Sex in itself is not a problem if the progress of the pregnancy is stable, but during pregnancy, the resistance decreases and bacterial infections are more likely to occur. Semen contains hormones that cause the uterus to contract and substances that cause inflammation, which can lead to preterm labor. In addition, sperm can pass through cervical mucus and promote intrauterine infection, so avoid vaginal ejaculation, use condoms, and pay attention to cleanliness.

In addition, stimulating the nipples promotes the secretion of hormones that cause the uterus to contract, causing tension. It is said not to be enough to cause labor, but try to avoid stimulating the nipples unnecessarily.

In addition, it is important to create an environment in which the mother’s body is a top priority and she can relax immediately. *5 Some women may experience discomfort or pain during insertion due to the hormonal imbalance associated with pregnancy. In that case, don’t overdo it, and you can choose to use lubricant if both of you so desire.

Summary of Points to Note

  • condom use
  • Do it in a comfortable position (don’t put pressure on the abdomen)
  • avoid excessive nipple stimulation
  • avoid oral sex
  • avoid prolonged activities
  • avoid deep penetration
  • Seek medical advice if symptoms of urgency or risk factors for urgency are present

Benefits of sex life during pregnancy

There are many benefits of having sex during pregnancy. Pregnancy is a time of great emotional changes for mothers, such as hormonal disturbances, changes in their appearance, and a mix of hopes and worries. During this, your mind will be more stable by building a relationship with your partner. Having sex is an “expression of affection”, “strengthens the bond of the heart”, and “communicates with the husband”. *1 Some women become more caring towards their partner than they were before becoming pregnant. Let’s build a good partnership not only through sex life but also through physical contact during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, some women have an increased libido, while others have a decreased libido. Also, this change in libido during pregnancy can be seen in fathers as well and it seems that some people are concerned about it as well as mothers. I’d like to try to communicate more mindfully and share the other person’s hopes, worries, and anxieties than I did before pregnancy. When sex life is difficult, be aware of communication other than sex life such as holding hands, kissing and hugging, and build a good partnership where you can honestly express your feelings when you are not feeling well so let’s go…


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