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Iranian authorities have refuted claims that a dual citizen of the United States and Iran died on Saturday at Tehran’s infamous Evin jail from a lack of medical attention.

According to a source who spoke to BBC Persian, Faramarz Javidzad, 60, was rushed to the hospital after experiencing gastrointestinal bleeding before being sent back to the jail.

After his blood pressure significantly dropped on Friday, according to officials, they decided against removing him from the jail clinic.

According to the Tehran province’s prisons department, which was quoted by the Iranian judiciary’s Mizan news agency, Mr. Javidzad was held in Evin for two months on a variety of financial allegations, and five times for stomach issues during that period.

He recently had stomach surgery, and after that, he was “at his own insistence” released from the hospital.

According to the prisons division, Mr. Javidzad was quickly sent to the hospital on Saturday as his health deteriorated. CPR was performed by medical professionals, but it was unsuccessful, it continued.

However, the individual who talked with Ali Kheradpir of BBC Persian refuted the claim.

The US claimed to be aware of a person’s death in an Iranian jail.

The information comes one week after Iran freed five more American-Iranians as part of a prisoner exchange.

They said that Mr. Javidzad was placed on a drip in the jail clinic on Friday when his blood pressure plummeted, despite the fact that a court had authorized the transfer of Mr. Javidzad to a hospital.

He was told that night by a nurse at the clinic that they were “sleepy” and that the drip had been taken out.

According to BBC Persian, Mr. Javidzad was not included in last week’s prisoner swap because the state department had not declared him to have been “wrongfully detained” by Iran.

Iran freed five American-Iranian dual citizens who, according to the US, had been detained on fabricated accusations in order to gain political clout.

In exchange, the US pardoned five Iranians who were detained there and permitted the transfer of $6 billion (£4.8 billion) in frozen Iranian cash held in South Korea to Qatari institutions for the purpose of making humanitarian purchases.

The source further said that Mr. Javidzad’s condition deteriorated on Saturday and that he passed away while being taken to the hospital.

According to a representative for the US State Department, “We are aware of reports of a person’s death in a prison in Iran and are seeking more information.”

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